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An absolute Sew Jealous staple and classic are our pocket octos :)

These little guys fit perfectly in your pocket are bag so you can keep your octo friend with you everywhere you go.


Octo's are the perfect treat for yourself or someone who just loves these 8 tentacled wonders. Pockets Octo's are made using a super soft chenille yarn which feels great on the face!


All yarn types are OEKO-TEX tested yarn (certified safe from harmful chemicals and substances) and filled with recycled materials and EN71 compliant stuffing.


We do accept custom orders if you have a specific colourway in mind. Please use the contact us feature.


Images are for reference only. Colours do vary. Please ask to see specific colour choices if you have something very specific in mind x

Pocket Octos

  • If you really have to clean your Octo you should spot clean with a warm damp cloth and  gently pat clean.  Do not excessively rub.  Gently squeeze out any excess water from the area with something absorbant like a towel.  

    Reshape (do not twist) and leave to dry. 

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