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About Us



Why Sew Jealous I hear you ask?

The truth is this isn't the first iteration of this business.  I started out sewing, making bags and purses and clothes and whilst I loved it, it just involved too much prep work which I loathed!  

The stress of full time work, full time study, running my own business, and at the time an undiagnosed condition took its toll on me and I just lost all love for sewing.   

Insert lockdown - and like everyone else I wanted to make the most of my new circumstances and learn a new skill.  Whilst still working, working from home certainly gave me more time back and I didnt want to waste it so I decided I wanted to try crochet again.  Yep again! I cannot tell you how frustrating I found crochet the first time I tried.  I decided I was a knitter and quickly left the crochet hooks alone.  Anyway..... I was determined to come out of lockdown with a new skill and by sheer luck, something just clicked! I was OBSESSED!

And here we are, a few years later. 


For me crochet has become such an important part of my life now.  It is a fantastic anxiety support for me, and helps to quiet my mind.  It brings me so much joy working with bright colours and creating from different fandems and styles.  To do this full time now is an absolute dream.   

To see the journey as we continue to grow please follow our instagram or facebook pages.  We also show sneak peeks, product drops and more on our socials first!  

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What can you expect from Sew Jealous

Sew Jealous. Because all your friends will be!!

Sew Jealous is about creating with colour.  We love bright and colourful and we endeavour to ensure each and every product we make is cute and fun in their own right!

When you purchase with us you can expect an item made with love and passion, which is expertly crafted. 

Our plushies are robustly tested for safety and the yarn we use (and supply) complies with the relevant regulations ensuring they are chemically safe for all the family.  We fully comply with our legal obligations and as a result our plushies are UKCA/CE certified.  

Let’s Work Together

The Environment

The planet is ours to protect and thats why we are comitted to keeping our carbon footprint as little as possible. 

We endeavor to recycle our packaging where we can.  We make and continue to explore bio-degradable and sustainably sourced materials and limit our use of single-use plastics where we can. 

Toy Safety

Toy Safety is so important to us at Sew Jealous.  

Did you know that any soft toy that has play value is legally required to be tested to ensure its:

  • Chemically Safe

  • Physically Safe (chocking hazards etc.)

  • Fire Safe; and more.  

It is a legal requirement for all businesses, hobbyists etc. to comply with these regulations.  If it doesnt have the UKCA/CE mark on the item/label then it hasn't been tested and it isn't legal.  Be safe when purchasing. ​

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